October 6, 2018

www.office.com/myaccount | Login Office MyAccount | Office Com MyAccount

From online to offline platforms, Microsoft Office Setup gives you an ease to work in your own ways. Whether you work from home or office, the productivity suite lets you to explore better ways represent your work. With constant improvement and changes, its application are becoming more smarter to help you get better outcomes.

However, to access any of its online application or to download the software for offline use, it is required to have an active account. You will not get the enrollment to utilize the features without and office account.

Is it mandatory to have an Office myaccount?

If you use Office online, it is mandatory to have an Office account or else you will not be able to access and of the Office application. In addition, if you have been using free MS Office setup and you exceed the trial period, you will be suspended to access the account if you do not enter the product key.

If you are willing to create you MS Office account, execute the instruction below.

How do you register for office.com/myaccount?

  1. One an updated web browser and go to office.com/setup
  2. Click ‘Create an account’
  3. Choose an option to create and account
  4. If you choose to create account entering email address, this is what you need to do
  • Enter an email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Verify the address by signing in to the account you used for registration
  1. If you choose to create account using phone number, do the following
  • Choose you country
  • Enter you mobile number
  • You will receive a code to continue the registration
  • Provide the code to confirm the account
  1. If you already have an account and want to create another, choose ‘Get a new email address’
  2. Follow the instructions as you did while creating a new account
  3. Complete the process and log in to verify if the registration has been successful or not

If you fail to create an account, go to the official Microsoft Office page and create an account. Use the same credentials to log in at www.office.com/myaccount.

While you log in to you Office myaccount, you will be asked to enter the product key. If you have been using the free version of office setup, you will need to purchase a product subscription to have any further access to the account. Similarly, users with expired MS Office subscription need to renew subscription or you will no longer be able to use that account.

What errors could occur with your office account or while creating an account on office.com/setup are listed down.

Errors while create an account on office.com/setup

  • Invalid email address
  • Error message while creating new account – Phone number already in use
  • Error message – sorry, we cannot get to your account right now. To fix this, please sign in again.
  • Invalid product key
  • Office product key has expired

Other problems can also occur. To get rid of such errors, it is recommended to send your query on the official site under the support section.