October 2, 2018

Office Setup – www.office.com/setup – Microsoft Office Setup

Microsoft Office Setup is a popular productivity suite that has seen enormous growth in the past few decades. The software is being used by almost all the computer users all around the globe. From Office 2000 to Office 365 and now, Office 2019, the software has been upgraded and updated time-to-time with the latest technology.

With a wide variety of applications included in Microsoft Office Setup , you can create presentations (PowerPoint), send emails (Outlook), create documents (Word), and do a lot of other tasks without making much effort. To meet the diverse specifications of the users, office setup has been made available in a variety of types and their different versions. To find the right Microsoft Office version for you, you can explore the official website of Microsoft.

For computer users who don’t have any idea of this software, Microsoft has also provided a free or trial version that remains active for a period of thirty days. You can download and install it from office.com/setup without the need of an activation key. However, if you choose to go for a paid subscription, below-mentioned are the processes that you must follow:

What is Office Setup?

Office setup is a file that is required to download and then install the Microsoft Office productivity suite to your Windows and Mac device. You can get this from office.com/setup just by providing your unique 25-digit Office product key. Before you proceed, keep the following in mind:

1. There should not be any Office subscription pre-installed on your device
2. Your device should meet all the specifications required for the particular Office suite you are about to download
3. You should have a high-speed internet connection

Simple Steps to download, install, and activate MS Office?

Office Setup Download-

1. Visit www.office.com/setup
2. Provide your Office product key in the right field
3. Log in to your Office account by entering the registered email ID and password
4. Now, simply click Download the Software
5. The download process will begin
6. Once it finishes, you will see an Office setup file in your browser’s downloads history or in the Downloads section on your system

Office Setup Installation-

1. Double-click the downloaded Office.com/setup
2. You will now see an Office installation wizard
3. Click Next
4. Now, go through the License Terms and Conditions
5. Click I agree and then Next
6. Now, click Install and wait until the process finishes!
Office Setup Activation-
1. For activation, simply open Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or any other Office program
2. You will be automatically asked to provide the Office product key
3. Enter the same and click Activate
4. It’s good to go!

Now, you can access any of the application included in the MS Office suite you have just installed. While beginning with Word or other application, it might ask you to choose between automatically download updates and No, I don’t want the updates. Go for the first option as it will automatically pick the new updates and features from the update center.

At any time, if you move to a new computer system and want your existing subscription to get transferred on that computer then you need to follow two processes:

1. Un-installation of subscription from the current system
2. Re-installation of the subscription to the new system

Steps to both these processes are:


1. Open the Control Panel on your computer system
a. For this, simply open the Windows menu and then search Control Panel from All Programs
b. You can also press “Windows + R” key together and this will display the Run window. Type Control Panel and then Enter to open the same
2. Go to Uninstall a Program from Programs/All Programs category
3. Now, search for Microsoft Office
4. Right-click on it and then select uninstall from the drop-down menu
5. Wait until the process finishes!


1. Re-installation requires you to log in to your Microsoft Office account
2. So, open any of the browser on the new computer and then visit the Official website of Office
3. Click Sign in
4. Enter the essential credentials
5. Now, from the Subscriptions, choose the Office suite that you want to download to the new device
6. Click download in front of it
7. Go for the installation and then activation
8. Provide the same product key for the activation

For any issue or further queries about different Office versions, you can contact Microsoft Office customer support team.